Aleksander Rynkiewicz, legal advisor

Aleksander Rynkiewicz - legal advisor


Aleksander graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk in 2004 and in 2009 he qualified as an advocate.



He gained experience working in the Head Office of an air carrier, where he provided ongoing legal consultancy for bodies of the company. Moreover, his experience includes rendering legal services to a medical university in the construction of the largest public hospital in Pomerania and to a special purpose vehicle - substitute investor of the State Treasury in inter alia construction and commercialization of one of the venues for UEFA EURO 2012 as well as legal support to the project of drilling gas storage caverns at the request of one of the transmission companies.


He also provided ongoing legal services to energy companies and to a regional branch of a public railway carrier.


He participated twice in legal parts of due diligence procedures in shipbuilding companies.


Aleksander is rendering legal services for a medical university and entrepreneurs, including the operator of the largest football arena in Poland. He specializes in supporting construction investment processes. He is a member of the Disciplinary Court of the Pomeranian Bar Association in Gdansk.


Participation in the course English Legal System and European Union Law at the University of Cambridge and an internship, and then working in a law firm in the United States of America allows Aleksander to provide legal assistance in English.



Telephone number: 600 857 110